Hello to all Skope readers, it is awesome to see you again! Before we bring on my guest Tripo9, I just want to comment on something very intersting. I read that over half of UK and US consumers would like to have the option to sell-on the digital content they have purchased. Now think about that as an MP3 can be sold infinite times as it is just a digital file as opposed to 1 physical CD or cassette. I cannot wrap my head around this but I am thinking this violates the copyright owners. I am curious to see what the courts and the people think. Today I am so excited to have Tripo9 on Skope. I fell for his sound after seeing the video for “How Do People Live” and then as I learned more about the man I had to have him on. Join me today as Tripo9 speaks on getting his start in Nigeria, the concept for “How Do People Live”, words of healing for the people, and much more!

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and how is your day going so far?
Am in the studio in NYC recording a summer single.
Stoli: You have an amazing story. Speak about growing up in Ubiaja, Nigeria and how did music enter your life?
Growing up In Nigeria was a unique experience for me, like life in a typical third world country, there were lots of sad days and few happy days. This experience inspired me to be a singer/songwriter knowing that writing will give me the opportunity to tell my story and stories of suffering people all around the world.
Stoli: At what point did you begin to take on Tripo9 and were your family & friends supportive of your music?
As a teen, I formed a band called 999 in Africa, 999 stood for an urgency to make an emergent change to the worlds status quo. After I went solo a few years ago a derived Tripo9 from 999.

“How Do People Live” Video
Stoli: Your new single is stunning, “How Do People Live.” How has the response been to that single and what does that song mean to you?
The response to my single ‘How Do people live’ has been amazing, it received a nomination by Hollywood music media awards in 2011. The song tells the story of the pains and hopes of the everyday people.
Stoli: The video for the track is perfect too. Who came up with the concept and how does it relate with the lyrics?
The treatment for the video was perfected by up coming Hollywood movie director, Ramon Bouthviset, the video tells the story of a young man traveling through the obstacles of life to a destination called destiny.
Stoli: You are an amazing guitarist. Are you self-taught and what brand/model guitar do you love?
I wouldn’t call my self amazing yet am still learning, i learn everyday from every one who cares to teach, i love acoustic guitars cause they are echo friendly…lol.
Stoli: I love that you stand for urgency, emergency and a much needed positive intervention into a failed phenomenon called civilization. What do you feel when you see mainstream artists selling music filled with negativity & sin?
I believe every song should have a positive message, but if an artist larks positivity, they should at least have creativity.
Stoli: Since moving to the USA, how has your music career been elevated and more opportunities for people to hear you?
The music scene here has refined my art..definitely!! This is the worlds music stage for sure.
Stoli: As a songwriter offer some insight into what inspires you to write new music and what is your process?
I get my inspiration from nature, precisely the positive interaction of nature with our lives.
Stoli: The music industry is totally different then it was 10 years ago for the independent musician. How have you used technology to increase your fan base from Facebook to CD Baby.
I must say that is a part of technology that I am kind of slow to catch up   with…am very busy creating and very little time to self promote ..I hope to employ a reliable team to fill that vacuum for me…And i must say thanks to guys like you that are dedicated to making sure we are heard.
Stoli: There are a lot of people hurting today. Can you offer some words of inspiration & love to those in need?
Just as fortune is a blessing, pain is also a blessing. Everyone of us is blessed with just enough pain to handle. Hang in there brothers you are not alone. Count your victories, not your set backs!
Stoli: What is coming up for Tripo9 and where you at online?
Am just about finishing a hit summer song, a happy love song with a little reggae flavor for the club…its titled STAY!!!! You can add my songs to your playlist from Jango radio.

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