The Diemakers, Detroit Recordings


Rife with Punk and Rock leanings, The Diemakers have released their new EP, Detroit Recordings with acclaimed engineer, Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Sights). As of late the band has been in a state of flux with the addition of Sharon Harris, wife of founding member, Dominic Harris. Her presence brings a Punk vibe to the rhythm section and the whole of the songs, bolstering the Blues/Rock element with an edgy fringe.

Opening to “Way” the Blues-laden, Surf Rock electric stands out immediately, as do multiple time changes within the body of the melody. Staccato snare work and chug guitar usher the song in a Punk-tinged vein, spiked with intricate pick guitar fills. Slide electric opens “Gotta Go” before surrendering to the urgent, tin can vocal delivery. More chug guitar and staccato snare work play the fills on this one, while bent note slide work runs through the track. Weighing in at a mere 2:08, this track best illustrates the Punk leanings with its terse run time and urgent delivery. “Keep Running Around” has a 60s Garage Rock feel with more effects-laden electric work resting just underneath the vocal delivery. “Nostalgic throwback” and “Ed Sullivan-era British Invasion” is the feel on this one. “All The Plans We Make” is the melodic retreat of the album. Jangle guitar leads the way on the track in what could easily have been a Pixies track. Definitely the farthest removed from the rest of the album but certainly has its place.

Stripped down and bare bones, The Diemakers allow the music to do the talking. The album isn’t “cooked to death” with postproduction work, lending a “what you see is what you get” ethos to the album. Seems the lineup change has worked to their advantage. I like it and wondering what the full-length will sound like.      

by Christopher West –

Rating: 3.5/5

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