David J Caron, Thru Ever Ending Black


Ireland’s David J Caron, who has already garnered half-a-million combined YouTube views, has released a double-album consisting of 28 tracks.

One minute into the track, “It Gathers,” the pace changes greatly, as this ass-whoopin’ guitar riff takes the forefront. The speaker is striving to divine some meaning in the skies: “Look up thru the night maybe you’ll see a sign / Every constellation is a message in time.”

“Look Out” is another track with mean guitar riffs and astronomical lyrics.

“Time Machine” has an engaging chorus with mystically intelligent lyrics: “There’s a place they say lives forever / Nobody’s ever returned there ever never / But we’ve a reason to leap into the unforeseen.”

“Feels of Fire” has this great emotive guitar riff in the beginning. It was quite sad to hear it subside. A stellar bluesy guitar solo takes place at about 5 minutes in.

About 30 seconds into the track “Unbreakable,” there’s powerful vocal moments, when Caron sings: “Take all the energy…” I got some “energy” from listening to it!

There are periods in such tracks as “Beam the Ray” that go beyond the metal genre. Not exactly sure how to classify it. Maybe “dream-rock”?

The track “Irreplaceable” provides a rather interesting perspective, as it seems the world’s atmosphere is the speaker: “You burn holes in me, you’ll be the death of me / Take.. the fuel to build your fire / The flames are getting’ higher / Of you I’m getting’ tired.” Any metal kid environmentalists out there have found their anthem.

A recurrent theme throughout the album is this heroic quest to find meaning in the vastness of the cosmos. It seems the speaker is indeed willing to journey “thru ever ending black.”

There is also the prospect that no ultimate meaning will be obtained: “All we know.. is we won’t know.”

Thru Ever Ending Black is a bit anachronistic, a throwback to the glorious metallic yawp of the early 80s. Like much of the fine music from that period, many of the songs are too long to be “radio friendly.” But they’re just too damn good to not be listener friendly.

As testament to this: Caron is currently #1 (as of 18 April 2013) in the Reverbnation National Rock chart for Ireland. Proof positive:   http://bit.ly/IEchart

A lot of talent, thought, and energy was devoted to this double-album. The guitar work laid down is consistently of stadium caliber. This is no easy task to sustain.

To behold all 28 tracks, head directly to: http://davidjcaron.bandcamp.com/album/thru-ever-ending-black

Ray Cavanaugh – owleyesgatsby@yahoo.com

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