We know what labels want, what you are doing wrong / right with your online presence and your music and just what you need to do to be taken seriously!

Our company deals directly with over 500 labels, from smaller independents right up to major, major labels, so we genuinely know what labels are looking for.

One of the services we offer is an Artist Media Review.

This is where we spend a considerable amount of time going through an artist / bands music, website, facebook page etc and supply a report on what labels are looking for, what the artists are doing right, what they are doing wrong and just what they need to do to have the very best chance of getting themselves signed.

Because of our standing with labels all over the world artists / bands usually pay us $299 for this service, but for one time only through Skope, we are offering this same amazing service for….just $39.

That’s right, for just $39 you will get inside information on what labels are looking for and our professional team will look at every aspect of your music and online presence and tell you just what you need to take your career to the next level.

Visit for full details and order your artist media review and give yourself the best possible chance to get signed!

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