Truth Table, This Is Not A Casino


Hailing from NYC, Truth Table’s debut album demonstrates that you can be creative and still write a catchy song. TT’s winning combination of talent [featuring drummer Dennis Leeflang of Bumblefoot, Long Island Idol winner Mike Fries and multi-talented songwriter/producer/guitarist Brian Johnston] shines throughout this little altrock gem, carrying on tradition while forging ahead with a definitive sound of their own.

The album kicks off with Animation, musically reminding me of early Gin Blossoms, but with more vocal dynamics.


Vindictive showcases the band’s edgier side and crazy good musicianship, bringing to mind Incubus at times, followed up by Ricochet which sounds like a continuation of that moment.

Slowing things down a bit is the acoustic track A Hundred Year Frost, this is where the band really shines as songwriters, with background violins and layered harmonies, Truth Table knows how to write a ballad or two!


The Most Dangerous Game gallops along, changing up tempos and showing a tastefully shreddin’ guitar solo to boot.

Truck closes the album, a funkified track that reminds us that this is a fun album to listen to, and you could do much worse than This Is Not A Casino. It’s complexity will keep the listener coming back for more but it’s catchy hooks and soaring vocals will grab you immediately.

By: Anon

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