Among young artists on the music scene today, CHASE KROESCHE (pronounced Kro-sha) is especially unique.   Currently living in Los Angeles, CA, 19-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist CHASE has just unleashed the pop gem “1-2-3,” his first major single release.   As an early teen, he was a nationally ranked tennis player and fenced, but, by age 13, he’d taken that focus, passion and intense practice schedule to music (“I traded tennis strings for guitar strings,” he jokes). His hard work led to a scholarship at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music; touring by the age of 14; awards at the Peaks Jazz Festival in his native Utah; gigs at L.A.’s infamous Whisky; and performances with Frank Zappa saxophonist Napoleon Murphy Brock and David Bowie guitarist Earl Slick — not bad for a high school kid.

Chase Kroesche – “1-2-3”:
Sure, the never-stop rocker is as well-versed on Zappa as he is on Lady Gaga, but when the music flows out of him, it’s 100 percent CHASE KROESCHE.

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