Monks of Mellonwah, Sky and the Dark Night – “Control”


2012 was a good year for Australia’s Monks of Mellonwah having brought home “International Rock Artist of the Year” and “Best Indie Rock Band” accolades from the Los Angeles Music Awards and the Artists in Music Awards, respectively. Now the Alt Rock outfit is expanding its horizons with a three-track EP with all three songs as one composition. The single “Control” is part II of the three-part composition.

Haunting effects-laden electric guitar chord progression open the track with harmonized vocals between lead Vikram Kaushik and backing via Joe de la Hoyde eventually joining at the opening verse. The dark, dour musicality sounds reminiscent of a down tempo Alice In Chains track, while the addition of backing strings adds to the sense of urgency of the track. Kaushik’s shows his range within the body of the chorus before soaring electric solo work takes over at the midpoint. The experimental edge attached to this also lends to the mystique of the track as a whole. The highlights are the interplay between the strong vocal delivery and tight technical work from the guitar. Edgy, dark and dour, if the rest of the album follows suit, I think it’s going to leave fans wishing for a full-length translation or a five-track EP at least.

by Christopher West –

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