About the song, SL has said, “Good or bad, right or wrong, people are always gonna have something to say about you,” and in the video, directed by Signal Point Studios and premiered today by XXL Magazine, SL takes to the podium, literally, in full suit and tie, to address the naysayers, as the video weaves a day-in-the-life narrative of what plays as a dirty politician. “Corporations and politicians do business on the same level as the streets, they just do it in a different setting – offices instead of street corners; conference rooms instead of trap houses,” says SL of the video’s direction. “I just merged the roles of a dopeboy and a corporate/political figure into one character. The worst criminal activity can appear to be perfectly legal when you’re doing it with a suit on.”

Watch the video for “Let’m Talk” here:

Download Trapper’s Delight here:

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