Retro, Aequus1


retro_phixrIf there’s anything that surely will never be lost in our own days or in the future, it’s old things. The past always manages to influence society, especially when we are talking about art.

This is something that can be heard — appreciated, shall I say — in Aequus1′ s last record, Retro, to the point that intentionally or accidentally in the quality of each song there’s this sound that manages to take us back to the 60s and 70s. It is something like a cross between Hendrix and Rush.

One great example is “Hard Times,” with catchy and melancholy, almost seductive, vocals by Sonia and mild yet excellent psychedelic guitar riffs and synths here and there that turn this 70s-type of track into 80s synth pop.

“I’m Telling You” is probably one of the heaviest, although such a concept, as we will later realize, doesn’t exist in this band. With a sound that leaves this Rush kind of music to something a little more like The Who. The distorted guitars are present occasionally, adding more “power” to the song.

“Come With Me” shows us another side of the band, where it seems like they were looking for something more like the Beatles and even Oasis. Thus, you can say this is one of the catchiest songs on the album.

In conclusion, Retro is like traveling through time. Where you would find yourself jumping from one age to another, remembering the good days, good sounds that represented those times, those days when music was music and computer sounds. This album is worth listening to, it’s very realistic and entertaining.


Rating: 4/5

by RJ Frometa edited by Marion Lougheed and Cyrus Rhodes

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