Combining elements of pop, electronica, rock and blue-eyed soul into a sophisticated original blend that is all her own, Erin Barra has mastered the art of defying genre limitations. Already endorsed by John Hall of Hall & Oates, as an “old soul musician with a very modern songwriting sensibility”, Barra’s signature sound is a sonic cocktail with essences of Alicia Keys, Nelly Furtado, Daft Punk and Esthero.

Barra stands out as a rare tech-savvy female artist in the male dominated digital audio game. She jokingly says that her abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist combined with her digital production skills make her a “semi-unicorn.” Her live show backs this up, as she deftly plays keys with her right hand, synth bass lines with her left, runs a software program and sings, while making it all look easy.

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