Anyone who pays close attention to the music industry can attest to the fact that things are indeed changing. Electronic music is more popular now than ever before, and to say that it is here to stay would be an understatement. A lot of people in the music industry have difficulty with the fact that music is moving in this direction, and for a variety of different reasons. After all, those who are adept at playing traditional instruments certainly don’t want their session work to be replaced by computers. Others, however, are learning how to adapt to the electronic age in music, recognizing that computers and traditional instruments can work harmoniously if the right approach is taken.

MIDI Guitars

Traditional guitar players, private guitar teachers and others are all beginning to adapt to the electronic age in music by incorporating MIDI guitars into their setups. A MIDI guitar is an instrument that is a hybrid of a typical guitar and a computer. The end result is playable by those who can play a regular guitar, although it offers a variety of different options in terms of the different sounds that it can make. MIDI guitars can be costly, but they’re more than worth looking into for those who are trying to embrace the electronic age.

Electronic/Acoustic Hybrid Bands

A lot of electronic-oriented groups are beginning to incorporate acoustic instruments into their sound, which is creating an entirely new sound that many people are saying has never truly been done before. Glitchy acoustic music is beginning to pop up on the radio, and certainly in the independent music scene. Acts such as Bon Iver fit into this realm, and have seen a great deal of success thus far. It’s fair to say, then, that this style of music is likely to enjoy a very popular future.

What to Expect

Looking towards the future, it would be unwise to predict that electronic music will ever fully eclipse traditional pop music. This being said, it is indeed gaining ground, and is quite a bit more popular now than it was ten years ago. Those who are actively involved in the music community will do best to embrace the trend and learn as much about electronic music as possible, as it will ensure that they have a future in the industry.

Electronic music should not be feared, and learning more about this aspect of the industry can make one a better musician overall.

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