Drew Schultz, Back to Class

Drew Schultz comes by his funk and soul credentials through years of experience. He got his start with the Four Tops. That experience allowed him to work with a lot of greats in the industry. When it came time to do this disc, he got quite a few of them to guest here. Some of the notable guests include: The Four Tops, members of The Funk Brothers, Melvin Davis and Spyder Turner.

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The music on the set could be considered old-fashioned in sound by some. Personally, I prefer to think of it as a classic and timeless flavor. One might also suggest that the whole concept of soulful R&B is tired and tends towards repetitive and monolithic. That would be grossly inaccurate here. There is a lot of variety within this set of music. Some songs seem closer to jazz. While there is a lot of funk here, there are songs that don’t really have that funky groove. It even varies so much that one track is delivered with no instrumentation, while another has no vocals. While there is a classic, smooth groove to the whole set, it manages to get exploratory at times. For instance, one song features a spoken bit (but not a rap) that is essentially an interview for the only vocals. Another cut is so purely fusion oriented that it feels like it would be at home on a jazz label. While the melodic and mainstream sound of the set might not be the kind of thing that instantly grabs a listener, it has plenty of deeper layers that will be revealed with repeated spins. In addition, this isn’t an album that will turn anyone away. There’s a real universal nature to it. All in all, this is a very exceptional set with plenty for everyone. It works well as background music and yet has more charms to reveal with a greater degree of attentiveness ventured.

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