Douglas Garnett aka DiGDuGDisaster is a published singer, songwriter, musician, producer and media designer with a knack for being creatively unconventional. DiGDuGDisaster is the moniker which rings true for this artist, for out of chaos and madness, Douglas has cultivated a strange brew for the masses titled “Stars Burn”, a 5 song e.p. that showcases equal parts radio friendly hooks with unexpected twists and turns along the way, each more gratifying than the last.

FREE EP: http://digdugdisaster.com/download.html

“Stars Burn” is a glimpse into the artists’ soul, funny and tragic simultaneously. It’s a celebration of life and wakeup call to the sleepers, a call to arms while whistling in the wind.

Musically, it’s a beautiful mix of old U2 meets DeadMau5, 90’s altrock meets skinny jean kids, classic rock for the 21st century, or maybe it’s just some really hummable songs for a modern age.

The inspiration behind Stars Burn comes from modern living in an uncertain world. It’s that anxiety riddled, manic depressive trying desperately to find something to hold onto, knowing that at any moment the bottom could fall out. Economic disasters, political meltdowns, war… combined with personal demons and addictions, relationships on edge and the feeling that you might not make it out of this intact. But, out of fear and angst comes the desires to find oneself, to find love and hope, to reach for something beyond self that makes life worthwhile, even in the midst of struggle.


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