London-based quintet by way of Northampton in the Midlands — whip up their own incandescent style of 60’s psychedelic pop sounds, underpinned with a timeless British tunesmith sensibility. Fronted by singer, songwriter and guitarist Andy Crofts, the band   — James Bagshaw (guitar), Ben Gordelier (drums), Thomas Van Heel (keyboards) and Thomas Warmsley (bass guitar) — interweave garage rock, glistening orchestrations, and infectious rhythms.

[youtube _J7bHuaPI5A]

All five members are multi-instrumentalists, providing a solid backbone of inspiration for their creative method; but moreover, they see upholding the tradition of classic British songwriting as their sacred duty, and draw upon Andy Crofts’ bountiful wellspring of repertoire for their exquisitely fine-honed melodies. “A little hook just isn’t enough,” asserts Andy (usually found behind the Hammond organ in Paul Weller’s band). “We look to our icons to craft the perfect song”.

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