“Freckles,” the self-created-directed-edited first video from SHEL, the “power quartet of femme fatale wunderkind sisters” (MartianLeaks.com) is out now with first looks from AOL Spinner “Video of The Day” (http://aol.it/MvBTWo) and LuckyMag.com’s “Shop It Out” (http://lcky.mg/R5JWaw).

Click here to view/share/embed video: http://bit.ly/PShjiV.
Of the song, “Freckles,” Eva Holbrook says, “Happy endings are rarely how we imagine them. Probably because we always know what we want, but seldom know what we really need.” Of the video, the first of 13 planned (one for each song), creator/director/editor Sarah Holbrook says, “Making music videos is a totally different mindset, you have to completely change the way you think about the music. We dream, style, act, shoot, direct and edit almost all our music videos, being able to do it all in-house is a blessing and a curse.”

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