Squeaker is a band out of Australia. They have been creating and perfecting their sound since the early 2000’s and are still going strong. I had the pleasure of getting to know Steve from Squeaker. The band has been his baby and creative outlet for his songwriting. He has poured his soul into the venture and the results have been exceptionally surreal.

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I say surreal because in speaking with him you can see his humble heart shine through his words. He glows when he talks of Squeaker like a kid on Christmas morning. He has a vision and they have set out to make their dreams a reality one song at a time.  

I asked him what the story was behind the band name he said, “Back when I formed Squeaker my nickname in our local music scene was Squeaky. I racked my brain for a band name and couldn’t think of anything at that time, and decided that given that the band was my baby and an outlet for my songwriting Squeaker was appropriate. These day’s I may have called it something else but it is what we are known as, the name has stuck, so it stays!”

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I asked because the name strikes me as kind of comical but there is nothing funny about this band. They are focused and driven and their music speaks for itself. I find it interesting with bands that come from such far distances like Australia and how difficult it is to be heard.

I asked him how does he stay connected locally and globally in order to reach the level of success they have set out to achieve and he replied, “We definitely use social media to get our music out there, it’s necessary these days otherwise you don’t appear to be on the map. I believe we currently live in two worlds — the real world and the cyber world. The important thing is to not get too caught up in the latter; they are two very different things. We use the major avenues, being Facebook for social interaction, Twitter for updates, YouTube to share video footage. Reverbnation is a fantastic platform for managing all these pages. I’m personally actually in two minds about social media and music. While we enjoy using these forums, it has become incredibly cluttered to the point where people can say they like something but not actually truly pay too much attention to any one thing. The good thing about that though is it makes artists think more about their content to capture people’s attention. Social media will never replace the live experience of music, I think that’s where the true social interaction between artists and their fans will always be. But in saying that, what an amazing time we are in where we can share what we do so readily all over the world.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think it is a good tool but should not replace the personal one on one interaction with fans and industry people. I remember a time when musicians used to have to knock on doors and build relationships in order to break through. It has changed a bit from those days but ultimately it has and always will be a “who you know” type business, so take it from someone who is out there doing it. Get busy and start building those relationships.

This is a tough business and often times the little steps are over looked. We have to reward ourselves for those stepping stones because those are steps that will eventually take you to your ultimate goals. I think Steve gets that as clear as crystal.

I asked him to share some of Squeaker’s accolades with us and he continued, “In Australia we were once finalists in a category at the Music Oz Awards, we won ‘Best Production’ in the local SCALA FOOM Awards, nothing of any great prestige but we’re grateful for any time that someone acknowledges our efforts. I should mention that when I used to work at McDonalds in 1994 I was crowned South Australian Champion at dressing Big Macs and cheese burgers but that may not be relevant!”

I still giggle out loud while typing the words. Needless to say that was a perfect example of his humbled heart and quick wit I quickly fell in love with. It seems pretty prestigious winning, not one but two awards in Australia; I never have and there are numerous bands from all over the world who have not either, So good on ya Squeaker and congratulations. Except your awards with pride it is an achievement few of us can say we have experienced.

Social media has certainly knocked a few barriers down where borders are concerned and have made the world a little bit smaller. But, each corner of this earth consists of very different people and cultures. The beauty of music is we quickly learn that even though we are so different ultimately we are the same, as Steve so eloquently put it.

He said, “I think as the main lyricist my real hope is to express that it’s okay not to have your shit together all the time, and to know that deep down we are all the same and experience the same fears, insecurities, joys, successes and failures. We don’t set out to convey any particular message, but as people that’s what we are like and I like to think that our songs express this.”

Squeaker has definitely conveyed this in their music. I felt it when I heard it and wanted desperately to convey it in this feature, because I’m not only the columnist who had the pleasure of writing this article, but I am also a fan. The music is edgy and entertaining. There is something going on here that is powerful and undeniable. Squeaker is greatness waiting to happen. It is such an honor for me to be able to be a small part of there big successful world.

Please see for yourself and visit their site at: http://www.squeakermusic.com they also have a phone app for iPhone and Android at http://www.reverbnation.com/mobile-app/16926/squeaker

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