Flowerglass, The Lions

Over the years we’ve seen pop, rock, and even alternative rock bands slowly erode into over-commercialized, corporate puppet shows. Talking to many music fans out there, the response is overwhelming. Give me something new, something that makes me feel good. something that’s pure and is going to kick start my heart. Something that doesn’t sound like the same old same old — bands like   Nikelback., Daughtry, Lady Antebellum C’mon Give me something real.

So across my desk slides the new CD (The Lions) by California couple dou entitled Flowerglass featuring Trevor Smith and Scarlet Moreneo. What I heard put a smile on my face, finally a duo that gets it with music in the vein of a modern day Fleetwood Mac (Nicks and Buckingham). Flowerglass is some of the best new music I’ve heard in quite some time and delivers many featuring many of the aforementioned elements I spoke of. You want passion, good music and amazing production craftsmanship with songs that are entertaining to listen to? Well look no further. This CD covers all the bases delivering solid playing coupled with amazing songwriting and a musical union that is to die for.
Flowerglass is the real deal and one of the hottest musical acts I’ve heard this year. This CD is comparable to a fresh breath of air and what we’ve all been waiting for.   It’s a polished sounding musical production from start to finish served up hot with great playing, solid writing, amazing songs. Flowerglass is the life experience put to music. It’s definitely a musical production that gives us a fresh glimpse at 2 hot new artists from different parts of the country that somehow crossed paths to form a musical union. It also takes us back a few years — before everything started sounding like — well Lady Antebellum  

By: Kevin Huber


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