Sophist, The White EP


Tim Palmer brings us his music performed under the name Sophist. He has poured his heart into this latest release, “The White EP”. This is a 3 song EP that appeals to your senses through his six string combined with emotionally poignant words.

Palmer tickles your intellect with strong lyrical content. Even if you have never gone through the actual turmoil he sings about in his songs you feel every single emotion like you lived it yourself. Vocally he has the ability to put you in the moment and lyrically he paints such detailed pictures of passionate sentiment.

Each song is a short story. Starting with “Fortune Squared”, he opens a hole in the earth into another dimension. While in his world the music is a drug that courses through your veins. Then he sings “Run” which has smooth flowing guitars that flow like a river through the channels of your brain. Then finally my favorite of them all, “Thin Red Line” rings like a somber drone in your ears.

Sophist, The White EP is an emotional journey through the mind of Tim Palmer. He has worn his heart on his sleeve with such grace, musically you may not hear songs the same way ever again. Open your heart and mind and spend a few minutes on a realm of fiery compassion laced with cathartic remedies.

Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 5/5]

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