Decon, the NYC-based record label, production company, and idea shop, has announced the signing of Los Angeles-via-San Francisco rapper/producer Alexander Spit. Today Spit hints at the direction of his forthcoming EP on Decon with the free track “BNE”. Self-produced   and featuring Fairfax stalwarts Chill Black Guys, “BNE” (Best Night Ever) is not just the single, it’s the mission statement.

DOWNLOAD “BNE” FEAT. CBG HERE: http://win.gs/JZQzq4

The new partnership with Spit is indicative of Decon’s deep historical allegiance to the left coast, and it’s difficult to find a more quintessential Californian than the East Hollywood resident. Splitting his time between both of the state’s cultural hubs growing up, his music incorporates influences from the north and south ideologically and sonically. Overt psychedelia is manifested in the subject matter as well as the sound while an appreciation of trunk-rattling low end is coupled with verses detailing the after-hours indulgence in both (while in the company of women). His last full-length, September’s These Long Strange Nights was an assertive iteration of the “shroom-bap” finding traction in the SoCal sprawl, and his new work will walk a similarly trippy path.


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