“Christie Lenee is a wonderful spirit making beautiful music on the guitar. She has epic compositions that take one on a journey through time.” (Tim Reynolds, guitarist for Dave Matthews Band)

“Before I Go” is a gorgeous track with a boggling amount going on musically as far as atmospheres and guitar lines go. We’re invited to experience Christie’s conscious, spiritually-inspired lyrics and take in the healing energies if we choose to bask in them. Those without such inclinations will still enjoy this addictive hit.” (James, Independent Music Promotions, Skope Magazine)

“Before I Go” MP3:


Christie has performed and recorded with a stellar cast of musicians- some including Tim Reynolds (guitarist for Dave Matthews Band), Jeff Coffin, Stanley Jordan, and Amy Ray (Indigo Girls). “Before I Go” is a small taste of her myriad of music: from innovative acoustic guitar compositions to catchy pop/rock inspired tunes. Every song lyric and melody has an intention.

“Before I Go” is from the recently released “Give and Take In EP” now available on CD Baby. You can catch Christie performing at various festivals and venues along the east coast, lighting up stage with a radiant presence. It’s awe-inspiring, enlivening, often described as a “breath of fresh air.”

Live, create, explore…

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