Cali native, multi-ethnic beauty and gifted musician, Pearl Future, has been building her unique name in the music industry since 2009. Now, she is prepping for her biggest year yet, which is packed with two albums and a highly anticipated nationwide tour. Pearl has paid her dues and with a dedicated fan-base she will soon be synonymous with the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga–but with an electronic twist.

Pearl Future collaborates with Yung Joc on the hyper Dance jam “DJ Slap My Song” from the album “PLAY DATE” (In Stores May 10th)

[youtube B-Y290wOYGo nolink]

“The big change of the music industry is happening as I am putting out my music. People are buying music and consuming music differently, it’s the Wild West,” says Pearl, who is about to take the entertainment industry to a new frontier with her experimental sound of electronic soul meets pop perfection.

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