There is always that person we look up to. Someone with a plethora of advice because they have lived it and want to share their story so we don’t make the same mistakes. Brixton Key definitely falls in that category and is one of the coolest cats I have ever met.

Interviewing him was more like hanging with one of my best buddies. I had questions prepared but was still nervous to meet the legend. When he started speaking all the anxiety melted away. He has a calming soul and is as laid back as they come. I felt like I knew him within minutes of sitting down to talk.

After getting to know him a bit more, I threw the questions out the window, sat back and listened to his stories. He has seen many roads and survived trials and tribulations with such style and grace. It is easy to see why he is a writer because he has quite the knack for taking you right to the moment. Brixton is the definition of a success story and is still going strong with no signs of letting up anywhere in the near future.

For those who are not familiar with his back ground, Brixton was raised in the slums of the United Kingdom. He was a writer for the magazine Melody Maker and later came to America where a chance encounter landed him the honor of working as Chris Isaaks’ music manager.

As a writer myself, it was fascinating to listen to him speak, not to mention he has a beautiful accent. He told me about meeting Chris Isaaks. He heard his demo and played it at a party asking if anyone knew who was singing that amazing music. Then a few weeks later, he bumped into a gentleman that he incidentally was trying to avoid. Coincidentally this guy was playing with Chris and Brixton decided this would be his opportunity to get to know the incomparable Chris Isaaks. As they spoke Chris’ only question to Brixton was, “What can you do for me?” The rest was history.

In the 90’s Brixton suffered a life threatening brain aneurism. Ironically, he thinks this was the highlight of his career. It was the awakening he needed to discover and embrace who he really was, a writer. He started writing fiction after his recovery.

He is now celebrating his novel, Charlie Six. Brixton releases his inhibitions in this coming of age book. Charlie Six is an interesting character who is reflective of Brixton himself. The story takes place in London during the 1960’s. The book is decorated with rich characters and exceptional dialogue.

It is really cool listening to him talk about the character, Charlie Six. Brixton is working to get his novel on the big screen. The book captures how young English boys felt in the 60’s when they were listening to all that music out of Nashville and Memphis and how it was connecting to people across the borders. It is amazing how music has the ability to reach masses and create a vibe of camaraderie. It was a new age rising out of ashes like a phoenix.

He has lived in San Francisco since the 1970’s. Although he seems planted he has a care free air about him that is contagious. It makes you want to get up and go out and see the world.

When I asked him if there was anything he could do over, he said with out hesitation, “Absolutely nothing, there are no regrets!”

It sounds like his childhood was quite colorful even though he was surrounded by so much gray growing up in a dysfunctional gangster family. Brixton has lived a life of endless escapades and continues to share his stories through his work. Brixton gives advice to all our readers and artists out there trying to make a living doing what they love.

He said, “Study those who are successful in what you want to do. They have paved the way for you, watch and learn.”

Brixton has certainly carved a few paths of his own, I suggest he would be a good place to start as far as studying what others have done. Buy your copy of Charlie Six and get lost in this moment in history by escaping into the adventures of this young man and journey through the brilliant mind of Brixton key.

By: Rebecca Hosking –

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