Charlie Hill, The Landing

Charlie Hill is introducing his debut CD, “The Landing”. I wish I was Charlie Hill or at least had a 3rd of his abilities. He is a guitarist that lives in a realm above us all. I have never heard such purposeful and concise music.

So this is how this one needs to be approached. Turn on the CD, sit back relax and allow the music to carry you away. Once your comfortably in his grips then let go of all inhibitions and allow yourself to get lost in the moment. Listening to this CD is like floating down a quiet river with the sun warming your skin. His playing is so precise and crisp each note is an entity of its own.

There are moments he can make the guitar sing like an angelic voice from the heavens. Even the more up tempo tunes sooth your soul and fill your heart with compassion. My favorite track is, “Simple Song”, he slips in some soothing vocals and continues to describe the most perfect day. No stress or strife only appreciation for living. NICE!

Charlie Hill is in a league of his own. Through out his musical career he has studied and learned from his influences and he took that knowledge to create a sound like nothing else in this world. It was an unbelievable ride and I can’t wait to enjoy it again and again.

Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 5/5]

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