On April 24, just in time for the summer amphitheatre season, Plume will release the expanded, revised version of Ticket Masters: The Rise of the Concert Industry and How the Public Got Scalped. The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, Maclean’s and Pollstar are among the many outlets that have issued rave reviews of the book. Based on first-person interviews with key players and meticulous research, authors Dean Budnick and Josh Baron have delivered a compelling, exhaustive exploration of the modern concert industry.

Ticket Masters chronicles a previously untold story, revealing the origins, development and ongoing strategies of companies such as Ticketmaster, Live Nation and StubHub as well as the efforts of numerous independent competitors. With over 100 exclusive interviews and utilizing many previously unreleased documents, this character-driven book explores the actions and impact of the iconoclasts guiding these companies while folding in related tales of scalping syndicates, old school music promoters and would-be Internet tycoons along with the brash business decisions of such world-renowned groups as the Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam and The Rolling Stones.

Filled with entertaining rock-and-roll anecdotes about the acts as well as insightful coverage of the industry actors, Ticket Masters: The Rise of the Concert Industry and How the Public Got Scalped will fascinate concertgoers and music buffs alike.

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