George Cahill, Relevant

George Cahill has been rocking the Philly scene for awhile and is now celebrating his latest release, “Relevant”. It is 9 tracks of brutal honesty accompanied by some tight instrumentation to drive his point home.

Cahill does a nice rendition of Bob Seger’s, “Still the Same”. He has a unique portrayal of the song and makes it his own with a conversational style to his singing; it is kind of like hanging in a coffee shop as he tells you about his day. Then serenades us all with, “This Land is Your Land”, with the sweetest harmonies and most lonesome harmonica I have ever heard.

He is a straight shooter and holds nothing back. He seems to have a knack for telling it like it is, whether it’s good or bad there is no candy coating anything. He has strong lyrical content sounding quite bitter at times. But then again, with the way things have been going lately who can fault the bitterness?

Overall the CD is entertaining with talented musicians. I have to commend the production. It is not over done and mixes very well with the content in which he sings. It is foreboding when it needs to be and relaxes as soon as it takes you to the edge. I have a couple of personal favorites, “Sucking on Weed” and “Preacher Man”, for starters. They are perfect examples of his concise abilities to get your think tank cranking.

George Cahill is fun music that is hard hitting and edgy. He has bluesy tendencies that will rock you to the very end. It is worth a listen and I enjoyed his life lessons in each tune.

By: Rebecca Hosking –

[Rating: 3.5/5]

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