Swedish creative collective and record label Ingrid will be making their official debut on Record Store Day this April 21st with a 15-track compilation, aptly titled Ingrid Volym I . The release will feature new original tracks from Nordic musicians and label founders Lykke Li, Joakim Ahlund of Teddybears, Miike Snow and Björn Yttling of Peter Björn and John.   In addition to solo music projects by members of Peter Björn and John, Teddybears and Miike Snow, additional artists on the compilation include Andrew Wyatt, The Chinamen, Coco Morier, Electrocute, Hortlax Cobra, Little Majorette, Max Von Sydow, Peter Moren and Starlight Serenaders.

The story behind the Swedish powerhouse label is anything but ordinary.   Peter Björn & John enjoyed international recognition after the US crossover hit “Young Folks”. Joakim’s band, Teddybears, went on a worldwide crusade with gigantic papier-maché bear-masks collaborating with the likes of Flaming Lips and Iggy Pop. Miike Snow rocked the indie world with their hit single “Animal” and Lykke Li recently won a Swedish Grammy for her 2011 LP “Wounded Rhymes”. Now they have all joined forces to record music as a single sonic entity highlighting Sweden’s eclectic music scene, ranging from dark, lush electropop to ambient jazz to throbbing house music.


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