SULIO, Miami Feeling (funky Latin-pop Version)

From London, England comes Sulio, and based on his #10 rank on ReverbNation, people are listening.

This latest single “Miami Feeling [funky Latin-pop Version]” brings all the Miami bass sound in full force. A solid songwriter and producer, Sulio lends his vocals to an already hook filled track, with an almost raggaeton vibe, deep bass line and strong horn section to fill out the track. The track begins with Sulio charging “this song is going out to Miami and to everyone who loves Miami!” Promptly following is a xlophone riff that sounds strangely in place.


The only drawback to me is that the voice feels a bit too loud for the mix, the production is crisp and ultraclean, but blending the vocals would help somewhat. It almost feels like a ‘voice over’.

This is a party anthem for southern Florida! And coming all the way from England, it’s a fine tribute to the sun city. For those who’ve never been to Miami, the words really describe the party type atmosphere that’s a staple of the club scene, and for those Spring breakers that come to party every year, it’s a reminder that you don’t want to miss out on next year’s party in Miami.

To quote Sulio’s own words “It’s so so fine, you know it’s so appealing…”

Douglas Garnett –

[Rating: 4/5]

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