Radio Drive, This Is Our Time

Radio Drive is one person by the name of Kevin Gullickson who is giving you a full dose of life in all its glory.   Radio Drive has put out a new album every year since 2009 and ‘This Is Our Time’ is the fourth installment.   Gullickson is in good company once again with Grammy Award winner Gene Paul, son of Les Paul, mixing and mastering the 11-track recording.  

Radio Drive is pushing hard to really make a difference in this world through the message behind the music.   The songs incorporate elements of rock/classic rock, pop, alternative and even dance in what I’d like to refer to as a breath of fresh air.   There is some real truth backed behind every track on ‘This Is Our Time’ and nice to hear for a change especially for people that have to deal with nonsense & BS every day.   No nonsense, no bullshit…just good music and REAL LIFE HONESTY is what Radio Drive delivers.   The record starts up with a song called “Rising” that is quite hypnotic where you’ll hear Kevin Gullickson playing around with some crazy sounds/sound effects.   Next up you’ll get “Borders” that has a classic rock beat ‘n’ vibe complete with rockeriffic guitar riffs and really just one cool song.   Get down to some pop, dance and rock on the title track and then never forget those “Two Simple Words”–I’M SORRY.   Radio Drive finishes strong with a jamtastic, rockin’ number called “Hardwired” and honestly I would have loved to have heard a couple more songs in this style & tempo because Gullickson truly nailed it.   I’d also like to add that Kevin Gullickson has a real nice tone & quality to his voice and the guitar playing & drumming was rock solid.

What really stuck out to me here on ‘This Is Our Time’ was the fact that Radio Drive wrote lyrics that were highly relevant and relatable to today’s society.   Just look at this album as a soundtrack to the world around us.   On track five “Light” just remember that there is always “light in a world of dark, hurt, shame and fear” or how about “Life takes a new direction and Life makes a new connection”.   The song “Life is For Living” makes everyone realize that growing, forgiving, loving and giving are what makes us.   This is what life and what living for life should be always be about.  

Thank you Radio Drive for opening my eyes & ears as this record really hit a chord with me and I’m sure it will with others as well.   Life is what you make it and Radio Drive encourages all that ‘This Is Our Time’ to stay strong & shine.     Be open-minded while embracing change and one another so then that “truth shall set you free”.  

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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