Menace Demarco was born 1 of 3 kids in Olympia, WA. At the age of 13 he entered into foster care. While in foster care he listened to Bone Thugs N Harmony, Dr. Dre, Brotha, Lynch Hung, and Tech N9ne. He was influenced by Tech N9ne, and started rhyming at the age of 14. He battled other rap artist at “Hells Kitchen” a place where most rap artist go to test there skills against each other. Free style came easy to Menace because her spoke fast and always liked hearing himself.

[youtube 9DErF-kyoIo nolink]

I-Tunes – ‘Turn Off The Radio’ EP:

The first song he recorded was “No Mo freebies”. The song created such a buzz online that it caught the ear of Platium Trini Entertainment CEO/ABM and after a few meetings he was signed, and the song is now available on I-Tunes worldwide on the Platinum Trini Entertainment/Bungalo/Universal Music Group Distribution platform. His style of music is very riveting and is promised to keep your ear to the speaker.

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