The Cassettes are a four or five-piece Mystic Country/Psych Garage/Stomp band from Washington, D.C. started by Frodus frontman Shelby Cinca as a solace from his post-punk screaming endeavors.   The Cassettes ballooned from a lineup that originally contained members of Dead Meadow to a group of modern day vagabonds and dreamers consisting of multi-instrumentalists that play theremins, steel guitars, accordions, analog synthesizers, tablas and much more. Also known as a Musical Explorers Society, The Cassettes (a registered trademark), dare to push standard musical structures while maintaining a respectful tip o’ the hat to the visionaries of the past.

The Cassettes have a formidable catalog over the past 11 years but they are far from done. A new album will be out later this year, but out of love for their faithful fans, The Cassettes assembled a sweet compilation from their catalog as a free download. Visit their newly revamped website and get it now.

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