As the music industry is going through drastic changes towards technological advancements some are still holding on to the traditional ways. The introduction of all that is digital has altered the way of receiving music. The music experience of going to a record store and flipping through various albums and reading the lyrics and gracing over the artwork is long gone.

That collective experience has since diminished but there are some artists that offer us the traditional way of hearing music. Alessia Guarnerra is one of those artists who have held on to that tradition. Young and vibrant, Alessia has honed her skill as a singer and songwriter and has proven to be versatile in many ways. Her inspiration has derived from many forces in the music industry. Her style of music can be best categorized as soul and rock. Her musical style can be associated with the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin, Etta James, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Alessia does admit that her ethnic background has played a role in her success. Her father for one was involved in the music business and has passed on his knowledge to his daughter. He, Armando, has also shared the stage with her on occasion. As an avid guitarist he has schooled Alessia in the basics of arranging melodies and songwriting. She has taken what he has offered her and turned it into great music. Along with her father Alessia was also involved by producer / family friend Fabrizio Grossi. Who began as an A&R scout and producer (Tribe after Tribe, Glenn Hughes, George Clinton & P-Funk, and Ice T) and licenses and strategies advisor (Buddha Bar, Toto and Heart). His resume is impressive and it shows through Alessia’s music.

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“My culture and ethnic background play a HUGE role in who I am as an artist and it is part of my success. I stay true to myself and I stick to my wonderful family traditions. I never forget where I came from; it has done me right up until today. I incorporate important life lessons into my songs which usually consist of respect, loyalty, love, family, honesty and good friends. Lets start being ourselves and forgetting about impressing others with what we think will impress. You impress people without knowing it just by having a little belief. Nobody is perfect and I can vouch for that! I turn to my foundation, which I talk a lot about in one of my songs titled “Not This Time.”

Even though she has not pin pointed any specific artist that have inspired her there is one person who motivated her. Her grandmother Grazia was a tremendous influence on her musical journey.

“My Grandmother had such a great passion for music and influenced her children to play instruments and sing. It is a family passion, but I hope to take it to the next level and share this passion with the world. I want people to know who Alessia Guarnera really is.”

Alessia has performed at many venues across the Tri-State area for years. One of her most common locations is the Bitter End in Manhattan. But she has played other major venues like Webster Hall and Don Hills. Her role on stage is to inspire or even relieve some stress from her audience and offer them an escape from the grind of everyday life. She recently took the stage at Webster Hall on March 15, 2012 to a packed house. It turned out to be a great success.

She had released her first Holiday CD “My Family Christmas” in December of 2011 which had garnered great sales at Barnes & Noble. It has inspired Alessia to forge ahead in the studio to produce new tracks. Her music has received mass attention from major stations like Sirius XM to local internet radio station Alessia’s original tracks can also be heard on iTunes. Besides this great development her music has also been chosen to be apart of an upcoming film. But Alessia was not able to elaborate on the specifics just yet.
“It’s super exciting to have my original music chosen to be in a movie. Only thing is I cannot leak anything out, and I don’t want to reveal too much! But, it is a very inspiring storyline and I couldn’t be more happy and excited for what’s to come with this project!”

Alessia is due to rock the house at Webster Hall on March 15th and anywhere else she takes the stage. To keep track of her music and shows visit her website at

By: Nick Christophers

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