inBloom is the location-based app that helps you “Buy What You Believe In.”   The app focuses on the sustainable food movement and includes listings for restaurants, grocery stores, farmers markets, Community-Supported Agriculture (CSAs) and Co-Ops, green hotels, thrift shops, green supply stores, and retail businesses powered by renewable energy.   The app is designed for the diet and eco-conscious consumers who want specific information that can be hard to find.            

Andy Ross and Eytan Oren originally built inBloom to make it easy for musicians to find affordable and healthy food, green hotels, and biodiesel filling stations while on tour but quickly realized the app had a wider potential audience.   “As a touring band,” Oren explains, “you see those golden arches off the side of the highway and it’s extremely convenient and cheap to buy food from companies you know exploit people, animals, and promote unsustainable farming monocultures.   The question I started asking is ‘how do you make it just as easy and affordable to find healthier alternatives?'”    

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