Las Vegas rock band Panic! At The Disco arrived at Gallivan Plaza in downtown Salt Lake to headline the X96 FM Big Ass Show without their lead vocalist, Brendon Urie.   Urie, who with the rest of Panic! At The Disco had recently returned from a tour in Indonesia, had a fever of 105 degrees, and doctors at the Los Angeles hospital where he was being treated warned the singer against travelling, fearing malaria.

In a moment of desperation the band considered their options: cancel a sold-out festival-headlining gig, or figure out a way to play without their charismatic front man.   Luckily, Panic! At The Disco bassist Dallon Weekes caught Salt Lake City rock band King Niko’s Big Ass Show set, and found in frontman Ransom Wydner the onstage persona he needed to fill in for Urie.  

[youtube jWPrCFb1QCw nolink]

“It’s every musician kid’s dream,” Wydner said, “you go to a show for this band that you love and their lead singer is sick, and they need YOU to fill in for him.   It’s like a Disney movie or something, it’s nuts.”

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