Anyone trying to break into the music business knows how much hard work & dedication it takes. My guest today knows that as well as anyone as he not only is an upcoming emcee he also serves in the US Army. I got familiar with D-Train after hearing his single “Life Is Hard.” Not only is the song so timely to right now but you cannot deny his authentic & unique delivery. Join us this week as we talk with D-Train about everything from working with Merethe Soltvedt, why he does music, serving in the Army, & much more!

Stoli: Where are you talking to us from and are you excited for the NFL to start?

D-Train: I am talking to you from out of PA and as for the NFL, as an artist I have actually blocked out televisions influences so I can establish myself as an “original” artist. Therefore, I don’t watch nor do I keep up with events that go on in the NFL but I do support them.

Stoli: What happened in your life that you would say encouraged you want to be an emcee and make a career in music?

D-Train: What encouraged me to become an emcee is hearing the music that is out now but I have always done poetry as a child because it allowed me to express myself without getting in any conflicts. Today’s music is just what made me want to more persue it as a career.

Stoli: Who are two emcees before you that really gave you the confidence to start writing rhymes & songs?

D-Train: Honestly, Lil Wayne is who encouraged me through his mix tapes. I was surprised by his metaphors and similies and would tell myself I know I can do that just as good or better but the artist who gave me direction is Lupe Fiasco. Lupe talks about what is right and positive things and people will listen. I love how he doesn’t go with the flow of the river but the opposite and though it may be harder for him as an artists, that hasn’t been issue because he has overcame everytime.

Stoli: Being that anybody with a laptop can call themself an emcee. How do you stay unique & stand out from the rest?

Hear D-Train: http://www.iplacemusic.com/D-Train/

D-Train: I feel I am unique because I make my own trend, I don’t follow societies and my music is all real life experiences with meaningful lyrics that I can explain line for line. Everything I say has a reason to it.

Stoli: How much of your real life do you share in your lyrics and is there anything that is off limits?

D-Train: All my music so far shares my real life experiences. Only limits I have is to not point anyone out directly in a negative way.

Stoli: How did you get the alias D-Train and how does that relate to you as an emcee?

D-Train: My name was giving from a friend who I feel game me the name because he watched “City Guys” and there was a guy named L Train so my friend put the first letter of my first name with train and came up with D-Train. He gave me this name when I was in 5th grade and so the name has meant something to me ever since. It relates to me as an emcee because I feel it helps me be true to myself and those of my childhood, I do this music for them also.

Stoli: How does being in the Army help shape your music and drive to succeed?

D-Train: Not only does it help financially but it helps remind me how fortunate I am. The army has opened my eyes, it has helped me see what path in life I want to take and how.

Stoli: Would you say that you make music for the fortune & fame or is this something alot deeper than that?

D-Train: Alot deeper. Materials don’t make you happy, expressing my emotions, relating with other people and bring them together does. I feel that is what music is about.

Stoli: You recently released the hot single, “Life Is Hard.” What is that song about and what was going on in your life that made you write that song?

D-Train: The song is about my childhood and the events that occured in it, all the negatives and positives involving me, my neighbors, and my little sister. How these events help shaped me. The point of the song is to help people understand me not as just D-Train the artist but as me as a person. My friend actually encouraged this song, I never planned to make a song explaining my life in detail like this but he made the point that sometimes its what people need to hear in order to build that connection with the artist and I couldn’t agree more.

Stoli: You got Merethe Soltvedt on the hook for “Life Is Hard.” How did you find her and know that she would be great for the song?

D-Train: I found Merethe on the Berklee Online College, she is actually from Norway. I posted on the Berklee wall that I needed a singer for my song and she was the first to respond back. I sent her my vocals with the beat and she loved what she heard so I gave her the lyrics for the chorus, she sang the chorus and emailed it to me within 24 hrs. When I got her tracks with her, I was blown away and knew that she was the one. I hope to do more collaborations with her in the future.

Stoli: Life is hard right now in the US. Do you feel that musicians should talk about reality instead of champagne and Bentleys?

D-Train: Yes I do because as you said, life is hard so not everyone can afford champagne or bentleys, meaning there is no relation therefore can lead to no interest equaling less fans. That is my opinion but I’m sure not everyone would agree.

Stoli: Lil Wayne and The Game have used their music to diss other emcees like Jay-Z. Do you feel the need to do this and how would you react if they were to diss you?

D-Train: Definitely not because I more promote positivity and as for how I’d react to someone who disses me…..two wrongs don’t make a right, period.

Stoli: Whats coming up for D-Train and where you at online?

D-Train: The D-Train is always up and functional so there will always be new things, may take some time but it is guaranteed. My newest project is my 3 collaborations. “Worthless” the beat is made and produced by Ms. Yeap from Singapore, “Nothing to Lose” beat made and produced by Syer and featuring several local artists Syer, Scarr Boy, and Jayomega, the last song is “Should We Lock Love in a Closet” beat made and produced by Frankie Eyez featuring me (D-train). You can find me and these songs at www.DTrainOnline.com where I have the links to my Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.


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