Theory of Tides, Preview for Swept Away

Mirana & Rick Comstock are known as Theory of Tides and they are offering listeners a special 3-song teaser.   These three tracks are designed to get you ready for the EP release of ‘Swept Away’.   Now we shall see if the Tides come crashing in and sweep you away; all in Theory of course.

Mirana is on vocals, keyboards & percussion while her musical partner Rick plays the role of guitarist, bassist, percussionist & producer.   The Comstocks prove to be a winning team with the follow up to their 2009 debut release.   Right away on the opener “Lucky You” you sense a lot of feeling coming from the voice of Mirana Comstock.   This sensation makes sense since the song is about having your heart broken so Theory of Tides nailed it from an emotional standpoint.   On the closing number “Colder Than Winter” you realize that “Last Summer” has come and gone for the duo but never forgotten.   This song serves as a constant reminder that memories are always alive in us with some being pleasant and some being not so desirable.   Whether good or bad, the memory is there and that is the point that Theory of Tides is trying to make here on “Colder Than Winter”.  

Vocally & lyrically, Mirana was reaching far as you could detect something very real & organic about her singing.   Rick’s musical ability equally shines as this pair prove to make music that speaks to a large audience.   Theory of Tides continues to paint a visual landscape if you will through their music & words.   The mix of elements is quite unique here and the best way to describe it all is nice, chill music.   This 3-song preview has a very free-flowing tone to it with Mirana & Rick delivering one hypnotic sound.  

I would definitely want to hear some more upbeat, dance songs that seemed to be a heavy influence on their debut album.   I look forward to hearing what Theory of Tides comes with on their upcoming EP.   You’ll just have to wait and see if you are completely ‘Swept Away’ when the time comes.

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 3/5]

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