THE BANGLES–guitarist/singer Susanna Hoffs, guitarist/singer Vicki Peterson and drummer/singer Debbi Peterson–will release their first album of new material in nearly eight years on September 13 via Model Music Group.   Titled SWEETHEART OF THE SUN, the album features the group’s inventive incorporation of ’60s folk rock, sunny SoCal harmonies and Beatles/Byrds/Beach Boys/Big Star godhead.

SWEETHEART OF THE SUN is THE BANGLES first with Model Music Group, the Los Angeles based company, a division of the Waterfront Entertainment Group, with distribution from UMG/Fontana.

“Model is very excited about working with the Bangles on their new album,” says Model Records President and co-founder Tony Valenziano.     “The whole record is strong and shows that the band has grown again, not only in their writing, but as musicians as well. Working with them, you can tell they are very dedicated to their art, career and fans. It’s great to be a part of it and we’re very happy that the Bangles are now part of the MMG family.”

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