Richard Anthony, Connected

High school physics teacher by day and musician by night, Richard Anthony invites us all to get ‘Connected’ on his debut album.   Accepting one another and coming together as ONE are just a couple of the many heartfelt themes displayed on this record.   Richard will open your eyes, mind and heart to a number of inspiring topics & issues that will not go away overnight and sometimes will never disappear.

The main inspiration behind this album and the song “Even If” was the love for his now adopted foster child Nick.   There are two versions–radio and acoustic and I’m here to tell you that both are extremely catchy.   The relationship between the acoustic guitar and folk-oriented vocals was very impressive to hear.   On “Even If (Radio)” Anthony throws in rock backdrops that includes electric guitar & drums adding a whole new feel & layer to the whole mix.   The dynamics between singer Richard Anthony and his music at play is something special.   The title track and opening number “Connected” displays a positive yet direct message about changing your life for the better but the approach is actually a little cheesy/corny in terms of adult listeners.   I was hearing a children’s album in the making all the way as “Connected” would be a perfect fit for the kids from a vocal standpoint .   Maybe even a bit of Peter, Paul and Mary and “Puff the Magic Dragon”-type feel goin’ on with this song.   The innocent tone does not stand though as Richard gets in touch with his dancing, get down & boogie side.   On track four “Make Me Yours” you will hear some background sound effects that are just hot as can be.   Next up on “Back to You” it’s dance time baby as Mr. Anthony is bringin’ you to a new-age disco club where you will have to do the whistle!   The dance fever continues where Richard is getting’ down on the movin’ & groovin’ jam “Charge Me Up”.   Time to bring it down to a more laid-back atmosphere on “Something To Believe In” and then “Do You Ever Wonder Why” urges you that “you control your own destiny”.  

I have to say that I think Richard Anthony has a little James Taylor in him because he seems to have that folk quality when it comes to his singing style.   I also enjoyed the dance, rock and pop elements mixed in with the folk here that came across as a very nice combination.   The use of sound and the creativity & originality from one song to the next was executed nicely to say the least.   Richard Anthony has tapped into something here “Even If” you don’t think so.   Time to get ‘Connected’ and stay ‘Connected’ forever!

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 4/5]

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