Fred McKinney, High Water

Over the years we’ve seen American & Country Music slowly erode itself into over overly polished, popish nothingness. Artist after artist presenting themselves as superstars in the making with nothing more than a pretty face, pushed in front of a microphone with an acoustic guitar by the corporate giants. This is done in the hopes of making a quick superficial buck off fans who don’t realize how untalented the artists truly are. Other things have been introduced to make up for the void once occupied by great writing & solid talent. Like other forms of entertainment music has followed suit & shifted its emphasis to more cosmetic, superficial skills sets these days. Like reality TV I’m sad to say generates revenue. What ever happened to good old fashioned talent & world class songwriting?  

So across my desk slides the latest CD by Fred McKinney entitled “High Water.” Dig a little deeper I soon discovered that this singer/songwriter/musician from Ohio how to write a good piece of music. “High Water” presents 17 amazing tracks that have substance, solid musicianship & rock solid songwriting.   Music reminds me of classic heartfelt Willie Nelson, Arlo Gutherie, & classic John Prine. Fans who like these artists will tumble over this release.   The overall message is very powerful. I give McKinney high marks for having the courage to deliver it straight from the top. Al in all it’s an Americana experience you won’t soon forget.

[Rating: 3.5/5]

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