Young Galaxy, Shapeshifting

A band’s previous record can often dictate their upcoming release with pinpointed accuracy. While Young Galaxy’s previous full length, Invisible Republic, contained some synth-laden and at times, symphonic masterpieces, (“Long Live The Fallen World”)   the band’s overall aesthetic was most prominent on the equally synth-heavy but much more atmospheric numbers. The band managed to walk a fine line between club-ready grooves and spaced out, art-rock masterpieces. And on Shapeshifting, their latest, the band seems to have perfected their vision.

“We Have Everything” is a slow-building, dreamy number which speaks to the record’s overall prowess. Shapeshifting holds nothing back. Certain tracks are a little too dense, sonically speaking, to roll with the rest of Shapeshifting’s far-reaching approach, including “Peripheral Visionaries” which plods along without the kind of bombastic results which are featured on Shapeshifting. But otherwise, between the calypso-infused charm of “Cover Your Tracks” and the rich, haunting feel of the album’s closing title track, there is enough to satisfy listeners looking for an ethereal, lifting experience.

By Joshua Kloke –

[Rating: 3/5]

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