Jon Wirtz, Sea Level

Solo pianist Jon Wirtz releases his latest CD “Sea Level” in 2010. Wirtz is an accomplished player & composer from Colorado. He has a string of releases to his credit, & had notably worked with many folks over the years. The recordings themselves provide a very conservative, gentile approach putting the piano front & center. I hate to pigeonhole but George Winston is definitely a musical parallel for me. The piano is the core of Wirtz & his music. It’s quite amazing how much space this amazing instrument can occupy successfully — with no accompaniment of any kind. Indeed the skill set of the player will dictate how well your attention span can be maintained. What am I trying to say? Wirzt pulls it off flawlessly. The CD provides soothing jazz/folk eloquence full of warmth & amazing consistency. Wirtz makes you feel that he’s using the music as a starting point for his own art via cover tracks “Back Hole Sun” by Soundgarden. I give Wirtz high marks for taking that on. Clearly this demonstrates raw talent via his own musical interpretation. Notably this music is perfect fit for meditation. Some songs are just perfect for Wirtz as he makes his best points with “Despite Appearances.”

All in all great music to fill your atmosphere. It is amazing what Wirtz has done with this CD — a microcosm of his career as a whole no doubt. Definitely worth looking into.

Michael Mullins – IMD Staff

[Rating: 3/5]

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