Ellen Tipper, The Juggler

Pianist/singer/songwriter Ellen Tipper releases her latest CD “The Juggler” in 2010. Tipper is an accomplished player & composer from Maine. She has a string of releases to her credit, & had notably worked with many folks over the years. The recordings themselves provide a very folksy, earthy approach putting the piano & Tippers amazing voice front & center. I hate to pigeonhole but Sara McLaughlin & Tori Amos are definitely musical parallels for me. Tipper & her personality are at the core of this music. It’s quite amazing how much space she can occupy successfully with the above skill sets — needing no accompaniment. Indeed the talent of the artist will dictate how well attention spans can be maintained. Clearly Tipper proves she has talent as she delivers some amazing moments via songs like ”The Juggler”, “Caroline” & “Rainy Monday’s.” Tipper doesn’t hold anything back. When you release who you are via an art form it can be a gift of sorts.   This CD is a gift.

All in all great music to fill your atmosphere. It is amazing what Tipper has done with this CD — a microcosm of her career as a whole no doubt. Definitely worth looking into.

By: Michael Mullins

[Rating: 4.5/5]

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