Broken Poets, Self-Titled

If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it is a famous saying and one that Broken Poets should stand by on their latest effort.   This Phoenix-based group offers up a four-track EP here, which is a teaser for their upcoming multi-media project called For The Death Of Dustin Essary.   What you are getting here is a glimpse into the eyes, ears and mindsets of Broken Poets as they begin their journey.   This EP would be considered the Intro, in book form, as Broken Poets lead up to their fascinating story called For The Death Of Dustin Essary.

This band is made up of two talented musicians: founder, singer/songwriter & guitarist–Tim McDonald who also handles the bass & drum sections and Lana Antropova who is a classically trained pianist, keyboardist and vocalist who also adds in “kick drum”.   This musical duo has created something a bit unique here where this isn’t just a listening experience but more so a visual & insightful piece.   When it comes to this EP, there is a lot more there than what you may initially hear, feel, think or even picture seeing right on the surface.   The beauty of Broken Poets and what they do artistically is that the closer you listen, the more you will pick up on each time.  

The four songs center around a child-hood friend of Tim’s who unfortunately lost his life to cancer many years ago.   During his battle, Tim’s friend would have vivid dreams with in-depth characters and themes.   From those dreams would spark a writing frenzy for Tim McDonald as Dustin Essary would never be forgotten.   McDonald now brings to life Dustin’s thoughts and memories for everyone to hear as he honors a bond and a friendship that will never be lost.  

Inspired by what Essary had envisioned as a kid, Tim writes about everything from science vs. religion, spirituality/faith in question, philosophies on life, death & the metaphysical world and he also touches on hypocrites in our every day society.   Broken Poets claim that all of these topics connect together somehow by some universal energy or force and that is the basis behind it all.  

What you are experiencing here is a deeply involved musical and vocal performance from Tim McDonald and Lana Antropova that will open up all of your senses.   The disc closes with a gripping performance from Tim McDonald coming to terms with life & death on “The Death Of Dustin Essary”.   My favorite track on the EP is without question “The Clairvoyant” due to a powerful voice and lyrics that really hit me.   When McDonald sang the line “Now that I can seeeeeeee you!”, he did so with such authority and conviction.   The emphasis on the word see was so poignant to where I truly felt that Tim could visualize the full picture now.   This is moving and powerful stuff that is being performed here–no doubt about it!

Broken Poets is full of creativity as they dare to be original on their new EP.   Music, art, life and philosophy all come rushing out of Tim McDonald & Lana Antropova as they attempt to put it all in perspective for you.   The introduction is intriguing to say the least with many more chapters to go, so we’ll all be patiently waiting for the conclusion of this music novel by the Broken Poets.

By Jimmy Rae (

[Rating: 4/5]

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