Wow, November is already here, but the music does not stop. My guest today is a musician and entrepreneur whose music won me over after the first listen. After hearing ABM’s single, “Don’t Hate” I knew I had to have him on. ABM knows how to make reggae music with mass appeal but he also knows how to get a major distributor like Universal to help push his labels music to the people. That right there is a recipe for success. ABM is celebrating the release of his new single “Dat Body” which is out this week on I-Tunes plus he gives Skope readers a glimpse into what it takes to make it in this global & digital music business!

Stoli: Where are we speaking from today and will you be dressing up for Halloween?

ABM: I am not into Halloween so i guess i’ll just be myself.

Stoli: What does the letters ABM stand for and how did you get that name?

ABM: ABM is acronym as you may have already know, and it’s my alter ego stemming from helping so many other artist get recognition only to see them blow it. As far as what it stands for, that will be revealed on the inside sleeve of my album cover when it’s released in 2011. Something for my fans to look forward to.

Stoli: I love your song “Wine Down.” When did you write that song and what is it about?

ABM: The song was written in 2009 and recorded late 2009. The song is about a secductive female flirting with me. I feel like it hasn’t reached it’s full potential, but when it does i expect it to be a huge hit!

Stoli: You have some fine women in the video. Where did you find them and are you single or in a relationship?

ABM: The girls in the music video are fans that wanted to be in the video, in addition to getting exposure to enhance their modeling careers. All females may apply.

Stoli: How early were you introduced to music growing up in Trinidad?

ABM: As early as i could remember as a kid running around the house listening to my father play music by Bob marley, The Mighty Sparrow, Marvin gaye, and Teddy Pendergrass. My uncle was also a musician so i guess it was in my blood at a very young age just waiting to be discovered.

Stoli: How has your engineering degree from Grambling State University helped make you more well rounded as a person & musician?

ABM: It prepared me for the business aspect of music industry, and taught me patience, and discipline.

Stoli: You are signed to Platinum Trini Entertainment/Universal. How did you hook up with them and how did you know they were the right fit for you?

ABM: I started the label! lol…

“Wine Down”

[youtube OTRy7r1q6R8 nolink]

Stoli: Your music is high energy with a positive message. How does your music reflect your personality in real life?

ABM: I am a very up front, and straight forward person, what you see is what you get. I don’t have any hidden agendas.

Stoli: What should new fans of ABM know about you and your music that is unique?

ABM: When i write songs i tell a story. I don’t just put words together because they rhyme. There has to be some type of meaning in the message in addition to making you feel good.

Stoli: Your live show is pretty amazing. How do you prep for a show and get the fans involved and how can booking agents contact you for a concert?

ABM: When you step on stage as an artist your presence must be felt by your fans, and not just by showing up. You have to be believable, and that energy will transend onto the fans, and then you’ll have a connection. For booking you can email me at Npackii@msn.com leave your contact info, and someone will respond before you know it!

Stoli: When you are not doing music what do you enjoy doing?

ABM: When i am not doing shows, writing, or in the studio which very rare, i like to watch movies. “Dead Presidents”, “Shawshank Redemption”, and “Gladiator” are a few of my favorites.

Stoli: Is Platinum Trini Entertainment currently signing new artists and if so what do you need to be considered?

ABM: We’re always on the lookout for good talent, but you must have a passion for what you do along with patience, and dedication. This is not an overnight success business.

Stoli: What is coming up for ABM and where can we follow you online?

ABM: Look for my new single “Dat Body” Nov. 2nd, on Platinum Trini Entertainment\Ingrooves\Universal ITunes worldwide and tour dates early 2011 TBA in Europe, Austrailia, and Trinidad.

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