MegaRex, Recyclable Data

Are you ready to “Get It On” with not T. Rex but with another bandosaur called MegaRex.   MegaRex offers a dino-mite sound with plenty of solid rock for your eardrums.   This Brazilian rock trio brings to you their new CD, Recyclable Data, that you will be able to listen to over and over again.  

MegaRex is made up of three talented individuals: Flavio Marchesin on vocals, bass guitar & keys, Tibira on guitar and Paulinoho Barizon on drums & percussion.   Flavio also plays the role of sole songwriter & engineer on this new project.   Also, MegaRex, as a band, produced this album with the help of NY Producer Jamie Siegel on three tracks.   Worth mentioning that Siegel is well-respected in the music biz as he has worked with the likes of the Smashing Pumpkins, Joss Stone, Lauryn Hill, Santana among others.  

Besides having cool, kick-ass names, these Brazilians are ready to sizzle & spice up the music scene!   Already big in their homeland, MegaRex is ready to venture to and conquer other lands.   Dinosaurs roamed the Earth ages ago and later on became extinct.   Now we have the MegaRex that’s ready to make some big noise in 2010 and beyond!  

As I listened to this disc, I simply loved their fun, upbeat style.   There are moments of fresh electronic elements being used to back up a solid rock sound.   The CD starts up with a song titled “Angel” that incorporates a modernized rock feel but mixed with a flashback retro sensation.   “Mix It Up” is just funky, fun & funny while “Alien” offers up a killer vibe.  

What I gather from MegaRex is that you should just to enjoy life, laugh and have a good time while listening to their music.   Their humorous personalities definitely shine through while listening to all five tracks.   Good-humored & good-natured jams to take with you now and use again later is Recyclable Data in a nutshell.   If my data/analysis is correct, then you will definitely see MegaRex roaming the states very soon.   For more on this cool, calm and collect Brazilian trio and their exciting new release, SKOPE out   My only drawback is that this new record is only five songs long; gimme’ some more MegaRex!  

By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 4/5]

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