It would be easy to say the debut album by The Burned is hot and why not? It’s an incendiary self-titled first effort by singer/songwriter Kurt Baumann featuring12 tracks of mesmerizing lyricism and melodies that assert that someone with enough talent and a burning vision can still tell a good story with a good song. There’s depth to Baumann’s songwriting as The Burned, carving out a place on music’s mantle where awards and accolades are sure to eventually settle.

But enough of the obvious adjectives that will no doubt follow The Burned throughout its career.   Although the vision is Baumann’s alone, he plans on bringing a payload of top notch Austin and California area musicians with him for the ride.   Just where that ride goes remains to be seen, but this much is known: there are 3 digital tracks burning brightly at the moment in advance of the full album release on January 26, 2010.

The album is the product of Baumann’s years in the business: first as a member of the popular rock band Kan’Nal; and more-recently as the frontman of Grammy-winning DJ Adam Freeland’s electro-rock trio, Freeland (which he spent considerable time on the road with this past summer). With all this seasoning, it’s no wonder the album delivers on many musical fronts and is flavored with ominous, masterful storytelling with tracks like “Where Are We Now,” “Monster” and “Make Believe.

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