kicbend_phixrMy next guest is a band out of Chicago named, Kickbend. Kickbend has been in the business of making music for 20 years. They must be on to something because KickBend songs and videos are finding their way to American and European radio, Internet charts, CD compilations and television. Kickbend has been out promoting their new album, ‘’ which is on sale at now.

Stoli:   How did you decide to call the band KickBend, and what is the meaning behind it?

KickBend:   A kickbend is old-school electricians’ terminology for bending conduit.   The term also has musical, dance, sports, and martial arts connotations.   Plus, was available.


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Stoli: How crucial do you think a band’s name is, and what are some bands that you really love their names, past or present?
KickBend: A band’s name is important these days because of URLs and search engines.   People may check out the band name “dot-com” or search the internet for the name.   Some great band names are Aerosmith, Def Leppard, SteelHeart, and Van Halen.

Stoli: How has coming up in the Chicago music scene helped to develop the sound & work ethic for KickBend?
KickBend:   We are all working class people–electricians, janitors, city workers.   We place our families’ needs first and foremost. The music business is an outlet, a passion, and a hobby for each of us.

Stoli:   What are some of your favorite venues to play in Chicago?
KickBend: Six Flags Great America, St. Jerome’s annual “Velika Gospa” festival, Bonnie’s of Willow Springs, and The Chicago Theatre.

Stoli: Please fill us in on how KickBend and Jealous Bone work closely and how that alliance has benefited both bands?
KickBend: A few years ago, Jealous Bone was looking for a pianist and accordionist to record their follow-up to Scratch.   Dom, an old friend of Damir’s and Luca’s, laid down tracks for the album.   Dom wanted to capture the live Jealous Bone vibe for his songs.   The original intention was to produce songs for film and television placements.   The collection of songs eventually became the album.

Stoli: Your new album,, is on sale now at   Are you pleased with the album, and what are you hoping listeners take away from it?
KickBend:   We are pleased with the album considering the time and budget constraints we had. We hope our listeners relate to the messages in the songs and can enjoy the album from beginning to end.

Stoli:   What do the words faith, hope, and love mean to you on a personal level?
KickBend: Faith in one God.   Hope for the future. Love for one another.

Stoli: I get inspired when I see and hear of bands that are transcending the independent flavor of the music scene. Could you have had such an impact twenty years ago without technology or a major label?
KickBend: No way.

Stoli: What track on the album is the most personal and special to you and why?
KickBend: “The beat goes on” because it is about the human condition–past, present, and future.

Stoli: When you sit down to write lyrics, where do you come up with inspiration and material for the song?
KickBend:   Life experiences and a vivid imagination.

Stoli: The reviews that I have read on the album have been positive.   How does that feel for you when you read those?
KickBend:   Validation and a desire to do it again…better.

Stoli: Will KickBend be hitting the road to give the fans a live impression of the album?
KickBend:   We are scheduled to perform at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois on Sunday, August 2.

Stoli: Where can readers get more KickBend, and what is coming up for the band?
KickBend: has links to most of our online content.   Thanks to, our CD will be available on and select Best Buy stores in Chicagoland.

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