Sipo, Year of The White Rose

yearofthewhiterose-sipo-cover1_phixr.jpgFreddie Sipo wrote, produced, mixed and engineered all songs on Year of The White Rose.   Sipo also took care of the mastering and artwork for the new album.   Not to mention, Sipo also handled the vocals & guitars along with some percussion parts.   All I have to say before even hearing the record is WOW!   This artist really is a jack of all trades, which is very impressive.

Prior to this new album, Sipo actually worked as a head engineer for a top-notch recording studio.   Sipo was spinning out platinum selling records for major artists.   He decided to drop that for now to focus on a creative-driven, solo career.   Big risk taker, but highly motivated seems to be Sipo’s motif.   White Rose is actually symbolic of death and rebirth, so in reality Sipo is the white rose here.   Just like a snake shedding its skin to make room for a new layer, Sipo is doing the same exact thing.   That new layer for Sipo is an Indie/Alternative cut and it is his very own Year of The White Rose.   Just like the old saying goes: “out with the old and in with the new”!

Also featured on the record is Drew Moss on bass, who happens to be a friend to Sipo.   Max Cuzor and Robi Gonzalez take care of the drums and percussion and they call themselves Rawbeats.   The name fits because they’re drumming techniques are quite unique in the sense that they drum simultaneously.   “The duo custom built their own drum kit dubbed “The Mono” and play different beats on it at the same time creating polyrhythms throughout the album”.   The drumming style is wild and fresh to say the least.

As far as the overall listen goes, the album is definitely of a different taste & style.   I would call Sipo’s style offbeat alt/indie rock.   The flow is very low-key with no real set direction, but very steady.   Sipo’s vocals come across as routinely dragged out with a unique quality to his tone.   I have to be honest though in saying that I was not at all feeling the singing style, vocals or approach.   The whole sound just did not work for me personally and wasn’t enticing to my ears.   The music came across as slightly redundant and a bit dull-sounding at times.   To each their own and I’m sure Sipo’s sound will invigorate many people though.  

In the end, Sipo has incredible talents in the studio that can go a long way in the music world.   His distinct ability to construct music and to be innovative definitely shines through here without question.   For more on Sipo and his fresh, new release Year of The White Rose, SKOPE out  

By Jimmy Rae

[Rating: 1/5]

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