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MusicDishTV Presents “Titanic” by Steve Orchard

Steve Orchard‘s video “Titanic” from the brilliant new age, instrumental music album “Undersail” begins with a ghost ship, slow harp introduction, waves, and a scene of a lone diver with rays of sun shining onto the ocean. Viewers will become captivated by pictures of this grand ship being built.

MusicDishTV Presents “Day Dreaming” by JC Flow

Hip hop MC/Singer/Songwriter/Producer JC Flow‘s video and song “Day Dreaming,” co-written by and featuring soul/pop artist Jennifer Newberry and directed by photograph/videographer Mike Folden is a beautiful and touching story of a young man’s struggle to make the right choices, overcome depression, and face life’s many obstacles. Everyone, young and old, can relate to wanting…

MusicDishTV Presents “U & I” By Static

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Hip hop artist Static has released his latest track, “U & I,” which is an emotionally touching video and song that may just become the theme for every man who has messed things up with a really good woman and wants another chance to make her understand that he…