MusicDishTV Presents “Day Dreaming” by JC Flow

Hip hop MC/Singer/Songwriter/Producer JC Flow‘s video and song “Day Dreaming,” co-written by and featuring soul/pop artist Jennifer Newberry and directed by photograph/videographer Mike Folden is a beautiful and touching story of a young man’s struggle to make the right choices, overcome depression, and face life’s many obstacles. Everyone, young and old, can relate to wanting to live your dream – whatever that may be. JC Flow is extremely smooth in his delivery and Jennifer Newberry adds a very sweet break to an already strong song. The music is original, as is the video, which shows beautiful outdoor scenery of the Pacific Northwest. Lyrically deep, “Day Dreaming” is capable of moving the multitudes with just the right music and a violin break by Ben Hunter that makes this a winner on every level. This is an original and innovative piece of work, in addition to being inspirational and uplifting.


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