Third Development Delivers “Our Parallel Worlds”

Music really is a universal language and Third Development proves this point with the new release titled “Our Parallel Worlds”. Crossing musical boundaries and connecting people from all walks of life is what Third Development is all about. “Our Parallel Worlds” celebrates this aspect of connectedness in a most profound way by combining a wide array of elements.

Third Development is a Canadian-based band and continues the tradition of unpredictability when it comes to the art of music. On this new single, the listener will hear firsthand that “Our Parallel Worlds” collide in harmonious fashion. The song features a guest artist on lead vocals by the name of Ali Wick. Wick has a sultry quality to her voice that captivates the audience in what I’d like to call a spellbinding performance. A welcoming surprise comes in during the bridge of the song where Italian opera singer Francesca Maionchi graces us with her presence and powerful chops. Francesca’s operatic range is impeccable to say the least and adds a wonderful dimension to “Our Parallel Worlds”. The combination of strong sensual vocals mixed with strong operatic notes is simply a work of art and music to my ears!

As soon as you hit play, a luxuriously smooth touch hits your eardrums while polished singing delights your palette. “Our Parallel Worlds” brings intercontinental vibes to the table and a global sensation that will excite your senses. This single offers up a BIG, bold burst of sound overall that comes across as one mesmerizing mix.

Third Development is bridging the gap between cultures on “Our Parallel Worlds”. When listening, expect the unexpected and prepare to be pleasantly surprised and overjoyed on the new release. With rich textures, standout vocals and a superb production, “Our Parallel Worlds” proves to be an instant success. Come one, come ALL and SKOPE out “Our Parallel Worlds” by Third Development!

By Jimmy Rae